Save Labor Costs,
Improve Efficiency

Independent Problem-solving

24/7 Online Service

10 years + official corpus accumulation
40 + industries data connecting
28 million greeting corpora

Chatbot Assistance

Improve Agent's Efficiency

Auto-match knowledge base
Faster and more standard responses
Help agent when needed

Knowledge Base Maintenance

Deep Learning, Auto Optimization

Convenient addition with batch import
Deep learning and automatically update
Intelligent optimization

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Problem-oriented, One-stop Solution

intent prediction

Intent Prediction

Comprehensive Acquisition of
Customer Information

Analyze customer behavior data (browsing
track, historical orders, chat records, identity
information, etc.)

Immediate Prediction of
Customer Intent

Intelligently predict based on customer
portrait, industry knowledge and semantic

multi-round chat

Multi-round Chat

Accurate Contextual

Accurate key information identification and
extraction; contextual logic understanding;
industry knowledge mapping skills

Agile Active Questioning

Extraction for actual intent understanding;
proactive step-by-step questioning

 independent processing

Independent Processing

Extracting information from the
dynamic knowledge base

Providing query feedback, information
collection and marketing recommendation
based on customer identity

Independently fulfill business
execution operation

Complete tasks across scenarios and
provide targeted solutions according to
business needs

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More Complex Tasks?
Try Multi-chatbot Collaboration

Customized Chatbots for
Different Businesses

Assign chatbots according to the actual scenarios

Assign chatbots to different visitors for targeted services

Both Shared and Exclusive
Knowledge Base Provided

Organize in a better manner with lower maintenance costs

Easier data migration when interoperability needed

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Use Cases

More Functions


Sobot customer service system supports multi-channel access, including desktop website, mobile website, APP, Email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SMS etc.


Sobot chatbot has a built-in 27+ million pleasantries corpora and is docked with multiple public interfaces like weather, express delivery and air quality inquiries.

Multi-round Chat

Chatbot communicates with customers in a step-by-step language interaction, finding the actual needs by actively asking questions and extracting key information, completing business task.

Intent Prediction

Based on customer portraits, industry knowledge and semantic analysis, the chatbot can understand the customer's intent, providing support for subsequent session interactions.

3rd Party Interface

In addition to Q&As based on knowledge base, the customer service chatbot can get information from system interfaces, like express, flight, inventory and other information query functions.

KB Bulk Import

Enterprises can organize existing knowledge entries into the Excel template provided by the customer service system and easily realize one-click batch import.

FAQ Guidance

Enterprises can configure the FAQ guide according to their needs, and provide the corresponding question guide directly when users visit, and get the answer by clicking.

Question Association

In response to a visitor's question, chatbot will not only reply to the visitor with the answer to the question, but also push the related questions for the visitor.

Intelligent Learning

For questions that do not have exact answers, companies can configure them based on some clues, and chatbot can learn intelligently to answer such questions with no fixed answers.

AI Assistance

Chatbot will analyze the user's question and match the best alternative answer as assistance of agent, which increases the reception capacity by 85%.


An enterprise can configure different chatbots for different businesses and channels, each with its own independent knowledge base, and the chats are automatically answered.

Chat History in Sync

After a new chat is established, the chat history will synchronize, helping the chatbot and agent to better locate the user's problem.

Multiple Modes

Enterprises can decide the priority of arranging agent or chatbot for reception according to their business scenarios.

Chatbot QA Analysis

The answers to user questions and the summary of hot questions answered by chatbot can be viewed, so enterprises can pinpoint top questions users care about.

Hot Topics Analysis

Agent can check the number of top hits for business questions in the statistics, and better adjust customer service work strategies and marketing campaigns.


Chatbot can be set to automatically optimize the knowledge base at a specific time, greatly saving the cost of agent maintenance.